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Laser Engraved Labels
Using the latest laser technology and specially developed materials we are able to offer a more cost-effective solution than the “old style” router engraved label. We have a wide range of templates and are able to produce both patch panel and outlet labels for a number of cabling solutions in a range of colours.

The labels come in a sheet format making them easy to sort and quick to apply with fewer lost labels, saving time and money. As the laser cuts in a direct straight line there is no border. This is highly important on narrow and small labels where high levels of informative are required. The laser is accurate to 1/10th millimeter and can cut any shape of label required. It can engrave up to 1000dpi, ideal when adding logo’s.

Our engraving material is made by applying a micro-thin layer of ink, protected by a coating, to a plastic base sheet. The laser then vaporizes the colour cap revealing the base core. The rear is then coated with high performance adhesive which has been heavily tested and operates within a temperature range of - 30 to +150 Celsius, this gives it a wide range of conditions under which the product can be used.
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